The list of member benefits continues to grow. Benefits will be available to the extent that financial resources allow. Consideration shall be given to the diversity of benefit requests, the potential of the desired benefit to enrich the community of members and/or larger community, and the frequency with which individual members have already received benefits. Members are encouraged to suggest new benefits that help MAPD meet the changing professional needs of licensed and technical professionals and its mission. Benefits must be for activity incurred during the fiscal year when membership is active.

Members should contact MAPD before assuming all costs will be reimbursed for preapproval and discussion about what amount of the desired benefit can be covered.

Benefit requests should be sent directly to MAPD in written format. Allow thirty (30) days for acceptance/denial or processing. Click here to access the MAPD Benefit Request Form.

Other Benefits

Submit correspondence describing the benefit desired with any supportive documentation further describing the activity.

Licensure Reimbursement

This is a guaranteed benefit for members who have been members for the most recent two sequential years. After you have paid your professional licensure fee, submit documentation showing licensure (examples: a copy of license registration receipt).

Reach out to us for any inquiries or questions or to explore how we can support your professional development journey. Contact us now.